SF/F novels of 2011

FWIW, cross-referencing Locus Magazine’s list of 2011’s SF/F novels with the Goodreads data for each novel yielded these two lists.  It’s hard to do anything about the astonishing number of urban fantasy novels that crowd the top of the rankings, because there are too many series that appeal to both typical SF/F readers and typical paranormal fiction readers. I could exclude a bunch of them arbitrarily, or I can accept that there’s an interesting question about Goodreads rankings for SF/F: why is paranormal fiction generally rated so much higher than other SF/F?

The 10 most read SF/F novels of 2011, ranked highest to lowest number of readers:

Erin Morgenstern, _The Night Circus_

The ~95 SF/F novels of 2011 with 25+ reviews that still scored above 4.0, ranked from highest (4.55) to lowest (4.0):

Patrick Rothfuss, _The Wise Man's Fear_