Obscure but well-rated ex-bestsellers

Here are the Publishers Weekly 20th Century bestsellers with a number of ratings at Goodreads >= 250 and <= 2500 and an average rating >= 3.95, minus those shelved under spiritual, Christian, picture book, middle grade, or self-help and minus those not shelved under favorite or masterpiece, sorted for popularity by multiplying the log of the number of ratings with the square of the rating expressed as a percentage.

Nevil Shute, Trustee from the Toolroom
John Hersey, The Wall
Irwin Shaw, The Young Lions
Kenneth Roberts, Northwest Passage
Franz Werfel, The Forty Days of Musa Dagh
Richard McKenna, The Sand Pebbles
Fletcher Knebel, Seven Days in May
Rafael Sabatini, The Sea-Hawk
Pearl S. Buck, Dragon Seed
P.C. Wren, Beau Geste
Robert Ruark, Something of Value
Isak Dinesen, Seven Gothic Tales
Hans Fallada, Little Man, What Now?
Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River
Edna Ferber, Giant
James Hilton, Random Harvest
Mika Waltari, The Wanderer
Mika Waltari, The Adventurer
Irving Stone, Love Is Eternal
Irving Wallace, The Man
John Jakes, California Gold
Samuel Shellabarger, Prince of Foxes
Howard Fast, Second Generation
Irving Stone, Those Who Love
Louis Bromfield, The Rains Came
Robert Traver, Anatomy of a Murder
Robert Crichton, The Secret of Santa Vittoria
Willa Cather, Shadows on the Rock
John Galsworthy, Swan Song
Herman Wouk, Youngblood Hawke
Irving Stone, The Passions of the Mind
Kenneth Roberts, Oliver Wiswell
Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver
Thomas B. Costain, Below the Salt
Marcia Davenport, The Valley of Decision
A.J. Cronin, The Green Years
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Shuttle
Samuel Shellabarger, Captain from Castile
Walter D. Edmonds, Drums Along the Mohawk
Meyer Levin, Compulsion
Edwin O’Connor, The Last Hurrah
Bess Streeter Aldrich, A White Bird Flying
John Galsworthy, The Silver Spoon
Kenneth Roberts, Lydia Bailey
Thomas B. Costain, The Tontine
Frank Yerby, The Foxes of Harrow
Ben Ames Williams, Leave Her to Heaven
Irving Stone, Immortal Wife
A.J. Cronin, Shannon’s Way
Lillian Smith, Strange Fruit
Mary Jane Ward, The Snake Pit